Health Insurance

When joining our franchise as a new franchisee, any concerns regarding health insurance will be addressed by our independent healthcare partner, who can help you find an economically affordable Health insurance plan.


When a health catastrophe arises, and you're unable to work and earn the money necessary to cover your personal and business obligations, a traditional major medical plan won't address that problem. This is why close to 70% of those who face medical-related bankruptcies have Major Medical Plans. Our partner's insurance coverage specifically addresses this problem. When the catastrophic portion of your policy is triggered, the base health plan that's paid benefits up to that point will continue to pay benefits. In other words, the catastrophic plan pays your medical bills, and the base health plan continues to provide tax-free benefits/ reimbursements. The last thing you need to worry about while undergoing treatment, or recovering from a catastrophic illness, is keeping your home or your business afloat.

  • Wallet-friendly Premiums

    • Our partner's premiums are typically 35-50% lower than the comparable 'Silver' plans that you'd find on the Health Insurance Marketplace. How would saving thousands of dollars per year impact your business, and your life?

  • Free Telemedicine Appointments

    • Yes, you heard that right. You'll enjoy immediate and unlimited access to a Board-Certified Doctor via Teledoc. So, if that bad oyster you had for dinner is causing you stomach pain, you can speak to a doctor from the comfort of your own home, and if prescribed, have medication waiting for you at your favorite pharmacy!

  • A New Path Forward

    • We believe health insurance need not be financially burdensome. It should give you a sense of security that you can get the care you need by the providers you've come to trust, at a reasonable cost. Our partner's close partnership with the Philadelphia American Life Insurance Company makes that a reality. Based in Houston, TX, and rated financially secure by AM Best, their health insurance portfolio of products are as comprehensive as they are innovative. We couldn't be more proud to be offering their underwritten products to our clientele.

  • Our Health Insurance Partner Hate Deductibles too!

    • They're not like your Major Medical Plan, and don't want to be! With their policies, you'll never see a deductible for any outpatient care, including Preventive, Health, and Wellness Visits, even surgery in an Ambulatory Facility. This means that you'll actually experience immediate benefit with your Health Insurance!

Sample Defined Benefit Premiums

  • 25 Year Old Male/Female: $186.38
  • 35 Year Old Male/Female: $214.65
  • 45 Year Old Male/Female: $298.37
  • 55/53-year-old husband and wife: $777.24
  • 48/45-year-old husband and wife:  $595.37
  • 42/38-year-old husband and wife, plus two kids: $699.45
  • 35/34-year-old husband and wife, plus three kids: $722.96
  • 31/28-year-old husband and wife, plus two kids: $599.61


Above premiums assume no tobacco use or any health conditions that would require a rate-up.  All plans are subject to a 12-month waiting period for pre-existing conditions and a 60-day waiting period for Preventive Care.
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