Click IT offers best-in-class, reasonably-priced, value-added, managed email services to better protect our customers’ data, domains, and emails. At Click IT, we make sure your email is working, your data is secure and you have the service working on all their devices, which can get very complicated. Our managed email solutions also give you peace-of-mind. Click IT Email Services are different and better because they are managed and maintained for you. All our email hosting and delivery services offer: 1) Easy Migrations, 2) Works with Outlook & Mobile, 3) Premium Spam & Virus, 4) Email Authentication Set-up & Monitoring Available, 5) Huge 25GB Mailboxes, 5) Unlimited Email Aliases, 6) Secure Webmail, and more. Bundled with our other IT services you’ll get complete management of all your IT with a level of security that’s unsurpassed.

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