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To ensure PCI compliance for collecting and storing customer credit card information, the following Billing Policy is adapted as follows:

  • All credit card information provided by customers is securely stored in compliance with PCI DSS regulations.
  • All monthly services (such as hosting or email) must be prepaid at the beginning of each billing cycle, and the customer's card on file will be charged for the due amount.
  • All service work must be paid for when completed, and the customer's card on file will be charged for the amount due.
  • Even if customers have been approved to pay invoices by check, their credit card information must still be on file. If a promised check is not received within three (3) days after an invoice's due date, then the credit card on file will be charged.
  • An invoice with a clear description of each completed task or service provided will be produced upon completion of work or instigation of service and paid using the credit card on file. The individual who performed the work will be indicated on the invoice.
  • Prepaid deposits or credits will be applied to outstanding invoices. Once a prepaid deposit is used, the customer will be billed the balance going forward, and the credit card on file will be charged.
  • All payments will be processed immediately. Our vendors expect to be paid in a timely manner, so we must also be paid on time. Maintaining a credit card on file is the most effective manner to remove any costs associated with collections. All of our customers benefit from equal treatment.
  • Click IT service technicians will accept any form of payment, including credit cards, using a PCI-compliant payment processing system.
  • If any billed and processed item is disputed, Click IT must receive notification of this dispute within two (2) days after receiving the invoice. Otherwise, the invoice is considered to be valid. Please email [email protected] to dispute charges on a paid invoice. The dispute will be reviewed, and a credit will be issued if the disputed amount is agreed upon.
  • Notifications regarding any charges will be sent to the email or physical address on file, as provided by the customer. The customer is responsible for knowing and understanding this policy and informing us of any changes to the information provided.
  • All orders are subject to the terms and conditions published on our website at https://clickitgroup.com/legal, which comply with PCI DSS regulations. Click IT reserves the right to cancel any service for any reason it deems appropriate.

Note that we understand how essential it is to ensure that customer credit card information is securely stored and processed in compliance with PCI DSS regulations. It's also important to provide customers with clear information about our payment procedures, including how their credit card information will be used and stored and how to dispute any charges. This policy should answer any of these types of questions, but don't hesitate to contact us with any additional concerns.

This web-based form provides a secure manner for you to provide us with your credit card information. Please fill out the information below and submit it.