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Websites are much more useful when a Membership Module is installed and implemented. This enables the website owners to restrict access to information in an organized and selective manner. We offer two types of Membership Modules: (1) Standard and (2) Advanced. No matter which level you decide, this module enables you to easily manage and secure confidential documents and videos, making them accessible to defined groups, such as customers and staff. With this module installed, whenever you post a new document, page, blog, photo, or video to the site, it can be made available to any group you decide.

The Standard Module includes the membership plugin we use and its implementation. The price charged is to cover the cost of the plugin and the time it takes to install and set it up, with the most basic implementation format. The Standard Module gives you only two membership levels, restricted and non-restricted, and access to our basic training video that shows you how to use the features. The Advanced Module, however, includes what’s provided in the Standard Module, along with additional features, personalized consulting, and training, as discussed in detail.

When ordered, Click IT will install and configure the Membership Module plugin onto your website so your designated management can securely post confidential documents, videos, and information for viewing only by designated groups of logged-in personnel and customers.

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Below are the Advanced Module features and the work we will do together to get this Membership Module implemented on your website:

(Note: To implement a Membership Module, it is required that Click IT has built and manages your website at and that you are subscribed to at least our Bronze-level Website Care plan.)


  • User profiles
  • User registration & login
  • Content restriction
  • Member Directories
  • Updates for 1 year (Renewable License included)
  • Email support for 1 year (Renewable License included)


  • Membership Roles—We will work with you to define the membership roles and the pages you want to be restricted to, identifying which roles can access which pages.
  • Level of Access—We will work with you to determine what access levels you want your members to have. We will review examples so you can better understand how this can benefit your organization.
  • Membership Approval – We will develop with you a method for approving members, depending on your preferences.
  • Email Notification Setting: We will review the different notifications and their formatting with you to customize them with your logo and messages.
  • Page Accessibility Settings – We will show you personally how to restrict access to pages and what methods you can use to restrict information selectively on a web page, including a review of the site’s particular settings regarding general restrictions.
    • Replace the restricted Post-Title
    • Restricted Access Post-Title
    • Restricted Access Message

Note: To implement the Advance Module, please arrange to meet with our technical staff so we can gather all the necessary technical information. Go to and click the “Make Appointment” link to schedule a convenient time.



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