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The following list of plugins needs updating, and a subscription fee (our annual out-of-pocket costs) needs to be subscribed to on your behalf. (Please note: Installation is included when subscribed to a Website Care Plan. See

Your website is not performing well, is vulnerable to malware attacks, and is in jeopardy of going down, stopping working, and/or being banned by the host of your server, (Possible Reason: These plugins may have missed their renewal date.)

Below is a list of your custom-configured plugins that run your website and make it function, in addition to the WordPress platform’s backend.

-Wp Beaver Addon Powerpack $69.00 Single Site License
-WPB Product Slider for WooCommerce $39.00 / year Single Site License
-WISDM Product Enquiry Pro $80.00 / year Single Site License

See the link: https://YOURDOMAIN/accounting/ for details.

See for more details and links.

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Other Woocommerce store products we recommend to consider at additional costs:

  1. Subscriptions
  2. Bookings
  3. Box Office
  4. Auctions

Purchases are made directly at Woocommerce on behalf of the customer.

Memberships: Another recommendation is to limit what information is displayed, depending on the membership level. For this, we use the Ultimate Member plugin, which is also provided for an extra cost.

Ask your salesperson at Click IT, for example, about websites we have made using any one of the products listed above. Or go to

Please note: Installation is included with enrollment. Management is handled by subscribing to a Website Care Plan.

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